Finally the album is here. It is called "III". It took us some time to make but we really hope you enjoy it.



CD 2015.03.27

Digital 2015.04.03

Stream 2015.04.10

Visit our Bandcamp for more info.


The CD have five exclusive tracks that will not be released anywhere else. Get your copy of the limited (200 copies) album.


The album is now mixed and handed over to Claus Larsen of Leætherstrip to do the mastering.

Complete tracklist for the album:


1.Intro 01:23

2.What you give is what you get 03:35

3.Surrender 04:40

4.Other side of love 03:16

5.Dark winter 03:34

6.Wicked Game 04:03

7.Higher 04:41

8.Would 05:12

9.Distorted 04:03

10.Burning down your house [Refurbished and polished version] 04:55

11.Seal the moment 04:33

12.With you 00:56

13.Without you 04:08

14.Never stay the same 05:47

Here are some video teasers for the album, enjoy!

While we were in Ystad, Martin Steffen came along and shot some videoclips and phootage.

Some photos and clips from our session in Ystad.